Shipping Options

Many families wonder if shipping is generally safe. The answer is yes!
Although shipping is never completely stress free, both travel by ground and by air are effective ways to get your new Blueberi bunny happily and safely to your family.

Ruby & Lulu.jpg

Ruby and Lulu happily riding in their ground transport carrier!

Option One: Pickup at Blueberi Rabbitry

Blueberi Rabbitry is located in northwest Missouri, about an hour north of the Kansas City International Airport (MCI).
I would be happy to welcome you to my rabbitry to pick up your bunny!

During the reservation of your bunny, please select "Pickup at Blueberi" if you desire to pick up your bunny in person.
After reservations are complete, I will reach out to you to schedule a time slot for you to arrive at Blueberi to take your bunny home. At this time, I will also provide my home address so you may begin making travel plans.
Your bunny will join you with a quart sized bag of their feed.
A hard copy of your bunny's birth certificate will be provided upon pick up.
If your bunny is joining you with a pedigree, a hard copy will be provided as well as a digital copy via email

Option Two: Pickup at Kansas City International Airport

Many families from farther away choose to fly into Kansas City International Airport (MCI) and then fly home with their bunny in cabin. Bunnies can be brought on in cabin in a small, mesh under-the-seat bag. During the flight, you can provide your bunny with sips of water, and some hay or pellets to nibble on.
Bunnies often do not realize they are even on a plane when riding in cabin. It is just like a car ride!

Each individual family is responsible for researching airline rules and regulations, including if they will allow bunnies in cabin. Alaska Air currently allows bunnies in cabin and has many flights to MCI.

For a small fee, I am happy to meet families either at Platte City (nearby the airport) or at the airport.

Option Three: Shipping via Ground Transportation

*October/November 2022 Ground Transport Shipping*

This option is not always a possibility.
Small animal transport companies typically have runs every month or every other month. I will only use ground transport for one of my bunnies if the company is passing through the general northwest Missouri area at or after the time the bunny is able to leave my rabbitry.
Ground transport is only potentially available upon request and must be agreed upon and planned before you reserve your bunny. To request ground transport, please contact me.
I will check with the select group of trusted companies I will work with to see if they will be passing through my area on one of their runs before heading to your area. Ground transport is NOT a door to door service. When requesting ground transport, please let me know how far you are willing to drive to meet a transporter.

If your ground transport request is approved, you would select "Ground Transport" under the shipping options at the time of reservation. The buyer is responsible for the fees to book ground transport, which are paid directly to the transporter.
Ground transportation fees currently are around $50 - $90, depending upon the transporter.
I charge $50 for holding bunnies longer than 12 weeks of age.

On the day of shipping, I will send you a quick photo of your bunny via email to let you know that they joined the ground transporter and are on their way to you!
Your bunny will join the transporter with feed to last the trip plus a quart-sized bag of feed for use in their new home.
Once your bunny is dropped off with the transporter, I will email you their pedigree or birth certificate.

Due to ground transport being a complicated process, it is important to remain 100% flexible.
The transporter's estimated time of arrival at both my stop and yours may change by hours or sometimes even days.

If ground transport plans fall through for any reason, you must be open to either
picking up here at Blueberi or pick up at the Kansas City International airport. No refunds will be issued.

Ground transportation can potentially be more stressful than shipping via air cargo.
Your bunny will be on the road likely for several days. Once the bunny leaves my care, I am not responsible for any death, injury, or illness that occurs while the bunny is with the ground transporter.