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Listed below are my Holland Lop and Mini Plush Lop babies!
Photos of their parents can be found on the Mama & Papa Bunnies page.
I post all photos of my little ones here on my website. Please do not request additional photos or videos of the bunnies. I ask that you respect my time. I dedicate hours to raising and caring for these lovely little bundles of joy!

All of my babies are hand raised and spoiled from birth. All Blueberi bunnies certainly come pre-spoiled with lots of love, cuddles, & kisses! You can rest assured that your new bunny addition is coming from a healthy, well behaved family of rabbits. Your bunny will receive a dose of preventative dewormer before joining your family at 8 weeks of age.

Each Blueberi bunny joins their new family with a bag of transition feed.
Each Blueberi family is provided with access to our exclusive Blueberi Families Only page, which contains:
- Advice on how best to transition your new bunny into your loving home
- The Blueberi bunny supply list to ensure you have the best bunny set up
- A treasure trove of information on the health, care, and feeding of your bunny

To learn about our reservation process and shipping options, please visit this page:

Before reserving your bunny, please thoroughly review my Adoption Policy.
You will be prompted to agree to this policy upon reserving your bunny.

Available Bunnies

I have two categories of bunnies available for reservation.

Bunnies Ready To Hop are bunnies that are older than 8 weeks of age and are immediately ready to hop to a new family.
Bunnies Hopping In The Future are bunnies who are younger than 8 weeks of age and will be ready to hop to a new family beginning on the date listed on their information.

Looking to add a Blueberi to your family in the future?

Join the Notification List!

Notification list families are notified before available bunnies are posted to my website. This provides families with a valuable opportunity to be prepared to reserve the Blueberi bunny of their dreams the moment they become available!
If you're ready to join, simply submit my linked form to request to be added.

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