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About the Breeds

At Blueberi, I raise two wonderful dwarf breeds:
Holland Lop and Mini Plush Lop

Holland Lops are the iconic small, lop-eared rabbit that everyone adores!
It's no surprise these beauties are known as America's favorite breed of rabbit!
This beautiful breed was developed in Tillburg, Netherlands. They are known for their massive, heavy appearance in a compact body with lopped ears and a wide head. The Holland Lop's fur is of medium length, smooth, and wonderfully glossy! Being a dwarf breed, Hollands are typically between 3-4lbs. Some bunnies do not inherit the dwarf gene and therefore, go slightly over this weight range. These "false dwarf" bunnies are still a Holland, but are nearer to 4-5lbs in weight.
Holland Lops are the
smallest of all lop breeds!


Mini Plush Lops are a new breed of lop-eared rabbit that is still in development.
Through selective, careful breeding this beautiful breed was developed using four different breeds of rabbits, each providing unique traits: the Holland Lop, the Mini Rex, the Mini Lop, and the Netherland Dwarf.
This dwarf breed typically weighs 3-4lbs, although, just like all dwarf breeds, "false dwarfs" can go slightly over this weight. The most unique trait of this breed is their soft fur that quite literally feels like plushy velvet!
These bunnies do not shed regularly and instead molt twice a year. In addition, they produce little dander - making them a wonderful choice for those with allergies!


PHOEBE 3.jpg

Regardless of which breed you choose, you will not be disappointed!
Holland Lops and Mini Plush Lops both have wonderful, friendly dispositions that make them fantastic indoor house pets and companions. Both breeds love to spend time with their family and are easily litter box trained. When socialized properly, they are fantastic pets for children and can co-exist peacefully with other pets.

I always breed for my own program first and foremost. I breed towards type, consistency, and health with the goals to better my program and improve upon my bloodlines.
Although I breed towards the standard, no rabbit is guaranteed to mature to be show quality.

Blueberi Holland Lop bunnies are bred towards the standard outlined in the American Rabbit Breeder Association's (ARBA) Standard of Perfection (SOP) for the breed.
I specialize in working with improving the type and consistency of quality of vienna white, white ear, and harlequin patterns within my vienna program. In my chocolate program, I specialize in producing clean lined chocolate and lilac Hollands for show purposes.
Please contact me if you are desiring a rabbit for 4H or ARBA show. I can help you select your next show bunny!

Blueberi Mini Plush Lop bunnies are bred towards the SOP that I have personally drafted. Unfortunately, within the United States there is no breed club for the breed nor an official proposed SOP. Since the Mini Plush Lop is a breed still in development, they are not recognized by the ARBA nor are showable in ARBA shows. Within my own program, I am personally working on coat density, correct bone and consistent heads.

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