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About Blueberi

Blueberi Rabbitry is located in the beautiful meadows of northwest Missouri, about an hour north of the Kansas City airport. Our 16 acre property filled with meadows and woodlands is truly a slice of paradise!
My family enjoys hiking, gardening, and enjoying the beautiful nature surrounding our home. We enjoy sharing our life with three wonderful Australian Shepherds --- Dandy, Dapper, & Jasper --- and of course, my lop-eared bunnies!

Throughout my life, I've always had animals. I feel so lucky to have grown up within in a family that encouraged and supported my passion for animals.

Bunnies were always my first true love! Ever since I was a little girl, I've always had one or two by my side. Caring for and loving rabbits is a trait that runs through my mother's family - it is literally in my blood!

Teddywidder Baby.jpg

It started with my grandmother, Mary Ann!

Growing up on a farm in Missouri, of course she loved her animals, but especially her bunnies! Specifically, her beautiful white rabbits that she loved so much. In fact, all of her animals tended to be white - white rabbits, white cats, white dogs, white chickens. Except for the cattle - those were black Angus, my grandfather's choice!

My mother quickly followed in her footsteps and together, they instilled this same generational love for rabbits in me.
I know that if Mary Ann was still here with us today, she would absolutely love the blue eyed and red eyed white bunnies! Every time I pet mine, I always think of her!

Mary Anne's Bunny.jpg

Mary Anne's bunnies - circa 1940's

When you add a Blueberi bunny to your family, you are receiving a bunny that has been spoiled with lots of love! I truly care deeply for my bunnies and my family enjoys spoiling them as well!
They are well socialized: used to regular handling, cuddling, grooming, and nail trimming.

All of my bunnies are housed in my home and my air-conditioned and heated rabbitry. Each of my adult bunnies live in their own individual spacious apartment, complete with all of their essentials and enrichment toys! All of my adult bunnies enjoy taking turns in an extra large enrichment play area so they may run and play to their heart's content. 

When my mamas are preparing to welcome their new babies, they move into their nursery suite, an even larger, more spacious area that is a relaxing and quiet space. These nurseries also accommodate a cozy nesting box for mama and provide lots of room for growing kits to run and play once they leave the box!

At the time of weaning, Blueberi babies advance to their very own apartment, shared with their favorite littermate buddy! This acts as a stepping stone to prepare them for the transition to your home!

Thank you for taking the time to read more about life here at Blueberi!

- Mikayla Lenners

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